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Eleanor is a set, costume and puppet designer, maker and artist based in the North West, and working across the UK. 

They are an advocate for creating accessible and engaging theatre for people of all ages, identities and backgrounds. They believe in the power of using the arts to influence positive social change, and loves the process of collaborating with other creatives to make meaningful and innovative work.

Eleanor's design process is heavily influenced by research and conversations, and they always aim to create a magical experience that transports an audience out of everyday life while igniting and expanding their imaginations.

Eleanor particularly specialises in creating a strong sense of place and exaggerated reality, drawing inspiration from art and culture to inform designs. 

When not working as a freelancer they enjoy painting, illustrating and the outdoors.


GIFTED - SBC Theatre - December 2023

Event Designer & Workshop Facilitator 


HANSEL & GRETEL - Junction Goole - December 2023

Puppet Maker

HOW A JELLYFISH SAVED THE WORLD - Jam Jar Theatre Company - October 2023

Set & Puppet Designer


THE TREMORS - HER Productions - 53Two Manchester - July 2023

Set Designer

MR BURNS, A POST ELECTRIC PLAY - Derby Theatre - July 2023

Set & Costume Designer

DERBY Y4-6 & Y7-9 YOUTH SHOWS - Derby Theatre - June 2023

Set & Costume Designer


FROZEN PEAS IN AN OLD TIN CAN - The Way Theatre - May 2023

Set Designer 

THE DANCING ELEPHANT - Riri's Dance Academy - April 2023

Set & Costume Designer & Maker

DEEP BLUE - Paperwork Theatre - Liverpool Everyman - October 2022

Set & Costume Designer


VINCENT RIVER - Green Carnation Theatre - Hope Mill Theatre - October 2022

Set & Costume Designer


DERBY YOUTH SHOWS - Derby Theatre - July 2022

Set & Costume Designer


BEST EVER PLACE EVER - Royal Exchange Theatre - July 2022

Set & Costume Designer


DIS:PLAY - Contact Theatre - April 2022

Set Designer

PETER PAN - Octagon Theatre - November 2021

Costume Prop Maker

THE NEST - Wild Rumpus & Chester Storyhouse - October 2021

Installation Maker

SUE & SITA - Riri's Dance Academy - October 2021

Puppet Maker

ALEIAH'S ADVENTURE - By Ros Norford - September 2021


THE MARINER - Ergon Theatre - September 2021

Set & Costume Designer

MAKE GOOD - The Turnpike Gallery - September 2021

Workshop Leader

CATCHING COMETS - Ransack Theatre - August 2021

Associate Designer 

PORTO'S PECULIAR PLAYGROUNDAction Transport Theatre - July 2021

Assistant Designer 


Set & Puppet Designer

HOYO - Devised by Tracey Gibbs - March 2021


WHEN WOLVES COULD SPEAK - GOOFUS Theatre - February 2021

Promotional Material Designer

VOGUE BALL - House Of Suarez - October 2020

Costume Designer for House Of LIPA

LIPARIUM - LIPA - November 2019

Puppet Maker & Performer

THINKING INSIDE THE BOX Skipton Puppetry Festival - October 2019

Puppet Maker & Performer

Eleanor Ferguson headshot.png

Local Exchange Ambassador for Leigh

Royal Exchange Theatre

Artist at Creative Spin Studios

Spinners Mill, Leigh

Member of SBTD

Member of North West Design Allotment


Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (2018-2021)

1st Class - BA (Hons) Theatre and Performance Design

Winstanley College (2017-2018)

Distinction - Art Foundation


Set design & construction

Costume design & making

Puppetry design & performance

Mask design & making

Scenic painting

Scale model making

Hand & digital illustration


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