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Designer: Eleanor Ferguson
Executive Director & SBC Joint CEO: John Tomlinson
Artistic Director & SBC Joint CEO: Rosie MacPherson
Digital Director: Smart Banda
Community Director: Firas Chihi
Director/Artist: Nadia Emam
Artist/Facilitator: Chelsea Morgan
Production Manager: Tom Robbins
Sound Designer: Ed Waring
Film maker: Ai Narapol
Oldham Coliseum CEO: Lauren Clancy
Oldham Coliseum PR and Comms: Jenny Thomas
Oldham Council: Rachel Wood
Photographer: Tom Doona Media

Gifted is the culmination of an eight-week project working with community groups and clubs in Oldham to collectively create an immersive adventure event, personalised gifts and a brand new book. The creations that came from craft activities with groups were used to influence the design of the immersive event to celebrate the wealth of local talent, passion and joy.

Gifted is a co-production between Stand & Be Counted and Oldham Coliseum Theatre, supported by Oldham Council and Arts Council England.

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