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Set Design: Eleanor Ferguson
Writer: Nikki Mailer
Director: Nadia Emam
Producer: HER Productions
Lighting Design: Dylan Tate
Sound Design: Dan Pyke
Stage Manager: Jehan Rizqallah
Assistant director: Amy Gavin
Photos: Shay Rowan

Set in a Bookshop, under threat of demolition, in occupied East Jerusalem. The Tremors is about an unequal relationship between two women. It explores the magic of books, erasure of history & the Palestinian struggle against occupation. The set design creates an intimate and safe interior of a bookshop, the angles of shelves create cosy nooks while different entrance points add to the disorientations of characters. Every surface is full of books, lanterns, palestinian artworks and trinkets, but as the tremors are felt through the play the shelves are emtied revealing illuminated cracks, some forming the shape of Palestine itself.

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