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Set & Costume Designer and Maker: Eleanor Ferguson
Director: Ria Meera Munshi
Assistant Director: Lata Nobes
Writers: Ria Meera Munshi & Stephanie Kemp
Lighting Designer: David Clare
Composers: Supriya Nagrajan & Duncan Chapman
Sand Art Animation: Nitish Bharti Art LLP
Producer: Rushi Munshi
April 2023

The Dancing Elephant toured the North West, bringing a colourful energetic show that taught young audiences to appreciate and look after themselves, their friends, and the natural world. As the young girl Mahi is transported into her video game, she must unlock 3 levels of games with the help of The Dancing Elephant and the audience in order to get home. The Design pairs retro video game aesthetic with the Indian festivals of Holi and the Elephant Festival of Jaipur, as well as being a canvas for the Indian sand art animation through projection.

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