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Set & Puppet Design - Eleanor Ferguson
Director - Brendon Burns
Set Co-Design - Amy Taylor
Costume Design - Amber Bickerton
Lighting Design - Aaron Wilson
Sound Design - Jonah Rogers 
Photography - Tracey Gibbs
Venue - LIPA Paul McCartney Auditorium

Fin Kennedy’s The Domino Effect is an ensemble play developed by Kennedy with his long-term collaborators, Mulberry School for Girls in Shadwell, East London. Incorporating puppetry and physical theatre sequences, The Domino Effect revolves around a central character who is mute, and explores ideas about fate, self-determination and the law of unintended consequences.

This quirky, timeless set was inspired by antique shops, old market streets, and architecture from London and Bangladesh, as a nod to the heritage of the writers. The composition of the set lends itself to the fast paced multi-locational story, shifting the focus around the stage. It was designed to convey the anticipation of a new day unfolding, using silhouette backdrops against soft lighting.

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