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Set & Costume Designer: Eleanor Ferguson
Director: Nicole Behan
Associate Director: Kate Treadell
Writer: Hayley Greggs
Musical Director: Steven Reid
Original Music by Steven Reid & Vicky Reid of The MonoLP’s
Movement Director: Grace Goulding
Green Design Consultant: Sascha Gilmour
Set Building Assistant: Charlotte Murphy
Lighting Designer: Phil Saunders
Sound Designer: Hannah Gallardo-Parsons
Photographer: Brian Roberts

DEEP BLUE is a raw, tender and comic exploration of what it means to belong, punctuated by an original indie-rock soundtrack. The design was approached as if it was for an indie gig as much as it was for the needs of the narrative of the play. The set and costumes were sourced sustainably, and adapted from a pervious online production designed by Sascha Gilmour.

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