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Director: Omar Kahn
Set & Costume design: Eleanor Ferguson
Lighting Design: David Coull
Music Director: Ines Sampaio
Movement Director: Keiren Amos
Voice & Accent Coach: Anita Gilbert
Stage Manager: Bee Winchester
Costume Assistant: Georgia Cooper
Props Assistant: Liam Thompson
Written by: Anne Washburn
Photos: Grant Archer
Venue: Derby Theatre

This set is made up of one industrial structure that can be quickly redressed in a distinctly different way for the 3 acts of this play, while also providing a dynamic playing space and places to hide furniture and props in order to fit a show of this scale into the intimate studio space. The environment and sustainability were a huge focus in creating of this show, nearly all set and costume was sourced secondhand, which also aided the handmade aesthetics of a fireside camp, a homemade touring theatre, and a pagan festival honouring The Simpsons.

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