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Set Designer: Eleanor Ferguson
Writer & Director: Joseph Walsh
Lighting Designer: Ellie Holt
Sound Designer: Erin Lee-Smith
Stage Manager: Laila Khan
Producer: Ella Fraser
Photographer: Shay Rowan

Frozen Peas In An Old Tin Can is a light hearted but heartfelt comedy telling the story of Barney, Sarah, and Derek; three homeless people on the streets of Manchester bonded by their circumstance but working together towards their aspirations for the future. Instead of being about homelessness, Frozen Peas instead considers the lives behind the statistics, and the very human aspects of hope and action in togetherness.

The design aimed to bring the edges of Manchester’s streets into the intimate black box theatre space. Pallets, road signs, barriers and barbed wire frame a bench that’s placed directly front and centre, confronting the audience and leaving them unable to ignore or look past its homeless inhabitants. This production also raised money for Homeless Aid UK.

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