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Set & Costume Design - Eleanor Ferguson

Writter - Noé Sébert 

Director - Sam Black

AV Design - Dee Dixon

Sound Design - Robin Lyons

Company - Ergon Theatre

The Mariner, set in 2061, explores a future where fishing has been outlawed in order to put an end to humanity's unsustainable lifestyle. Our protagonist pulls together a crew to set out on an illegal fishing trip, targeting a rumoured silver field of cod that has migrated out of UK and would be worth it's weight in gold on the black market. Inspired by the poem 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner', this one man show, in the style of gig theatre and magical realism, explores themes of humanity, greed, climate change, and the importance of biodiversity.

This set design, created for the R&D sharing, is inspired by the decks of industrial fishing boats and constructivism art, creating a harsh ominous structure that contrasts agains the fluidity of the ocean and the beauty of nature. Both the costume and set have an aged and repaired look to demonstrate how prevalent sustainability will be in the future. 

This model was made entirely out of secondhand materials such as pieces from old models and food packaging.

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