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Co-Designer - Eleanor Ferguson
Co-Designer - Caitlin Mawhinney 
Writer & Director - Rosalyne Norford
Co-Director: Rachel McMurray

Aleiah’s Adventure is a participatory children’s play that follows Aleiah, a young girl who becomes lost after leaving her family to prove her independence. Aleiah represents the diverse world we live in today, she is Black Caribbean descent and Deaf, her intersectional identity and the challenges that come with this are explored through a relatable coming-of-age story as she discovers the stories of three women from Black British History.

The design of this set centred around being interactive and modular in order to be visually engaging in all the venues visited in the tour of the show, from theatre spaces to libraries, to classrooms. Some of Manchester's iconic buildings are represented in the skyline backdrop, before each panel is spun to introduce the influential women Aleiah meets.

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