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Workshop Artist - Eleanor Ferguson

Venue - The Turnpike Gallery, Leigh

Workshop Artist - Vicky Tyrrell

Workshop Artist - Kathryn Raven

MAKE GOOD was an ACE funded project by The Turnpike Gallery, Leigh which provided an opportunity for young people in the Wigan Borough to collaborate with artists to design and make creative items for their own pop-up shop/creative enterprise. The workshop and outcomes reflected the project theme ‘Designs to Save the World’ – drawing on the ethos of exploring ethical and sustainable means of production and product design in all aspects of the project, from concept through to outcome. 

The workshops I lead saw young people aged 7-16 create “hibernacula homes” such as bug hotels, bird boxes, and feeders out of sustainable materials. The sessions aimed to teach practical skills such as designing, planning and construction, as well as the importance of sustainability and the impact our
wildlife has on our lives.

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