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Assistant Designer - Eleanor Ferguson

Designer - Sascha Gilmour

Director - Nina Hajiyianni

Sound Designer - Patrick Dineen

Company - Action Transport Theatre

A magical and unique arts & adventure trail created especially for Whitby Park – in the heart of Ellesmere Port. Combining live performance, art installations and an adventure trail - Porto's Peculiar Playground aims to capture the hearts and minds of children and grown-ups - ‘playgrounders’, of all ages, from Ellesmere Port and beyond. 


Associate Designer - Eleanor Ferguson

Designer - Natalie Johnson

Writer & Director - Piers Black

Sound Designer - Mark Harris

Lighting Designer - Matt Leventhall

Company - Ransack Theatre

After discovering a comet hurtling towards Earth, Toby snaps and turns into the action hero in his own movie on a mission to save the world from impending doom. Flashback a year: Toby is knocked off course when somebody crashes into his life.

A disaster movie about falling in love. Catching Comets asks how we're supposed to be big, brave and strong when we look and sound nothing like the heroes we grew up with on our screens.

This production was developed with the support of the Royal Exchange Theatre and Waterside Arts Centre, and Arts Council England.

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